QVNTRA uses passive monitoring technology to decrease workloads and enable care professionals to improve the experience of residents.

Philadelphia, PA, August 30, 2022 – As the aging population in the US continues to grow, senior living facilities are seeking innovative ways to address the industry’s greatest challenge: Staffing. Monitoring residents’ wellness and safety around the clock is a top priority, but care professionals don’t have the tools to monitor residents in real time for falls, incontinence, and infection. Companies have tried to offer solutions that require elderly individuals to use wearable devices, but they often do not like, forget to wear or forget to charge these devices.

This is why QVNTRA (https://qvntra.io/) created a system that monitors the health of residents and facility operations through advanced, contactless sensors.The system aims to empower care professionals through the continuous monitoring of residents and enabling staff “to be in all places at once.”NextFab Ventures and QVNTRA teamed up to ensure a smooth transition to pilot production of their bed sensor and set up the manufacturing infrastructure to scale with demand. 

“We are excited to work with NextFab on ramping up our manufacturing capabilities for our bed sensor and to take the next steps in bringing our incontinence sensor to market.” — Thyge Knuhtsen, Co-founder

Unlike their competitors, QVNTRA doesn’t use cameras and microphones. Instead, the company relies on ambient features, like vibration for their bed sensor and moisture for their incontinence sensor. NextFab’s in-house product development team is working on taking QVNTRA’s bed sensor from prototype to production. 

Matt Bell, Director of Product Development at NextFab said, “We’ve been through this process before and will look to apply our experience to get these impactful devices ready for deployment as quickly and efficiently as possible.”

In the next month or so, Thyge and his team look forward to upgrading their existing client installs and improving the care experience for both care professionals and elderly residents. “We are excited to welcome QVNTRA to our investment portfolio and help them bring important improvements to the healthcare industry that decrease the strenuous workloads experienced at senior living facilities,” said Todor Raykov, Director of Venture Services at NextFab.

To learn more about QVNTRA and their solution, please visit https://qvntra.io.

QVNTRA (https://qvntra.io) is a passive monitoring for senior living company. QVNTRA has created a first-of-a-kind system that monitors the health of residents and facility operations through advanced, contactless sensors. QVNTRA is focused on scaling care professional resources by monitoring residents in real-time for falls, incontinence and infection.

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