Philadelphia, PA, March 8 2023  – NextFab Ventures is excited to welcome Haylon Technologies ( to its community of hard-tech startups.

Haylon develops a cloud-connected battery management system (BMS) that allows consumers to pick two battery chemistries with complementary strengths and pair them together in a single battery pack. It intelligently switches between the two chemistries depending on what the device needs, in addition to a stabilizing element that can handle these power pulses and enable longer-term use. Their first product for drones aims to enable a 30%+ increase in flight time and longer use-of-life, cutting hardware costs in half.

You’re seeing all sorts of new battery chemistries that are better in individual ways, and we’re trying to bridge those gaps.” -Raj Lulla, CTO of Haylon Technologies.

Haylon plans to deploy the technology in projects for the electronics and defense industries.

To learn more about Haylon Technologies and their solution, please visit

About Haylon Technologies
Haylon Technologies ( develops chemistry-agnostic battery management systems (BMS) that make it possible to combine multiple cell types within a single battery pack.

About NextFab Ventures
NextFab Ventures ( is a pre-seed stage hardware-focused investor and product development center in the Greater Philadelphia region, which specializes in helping companies create and commercialize physical products.